Sandals Antigua

We arrived on January 6 -13. The stay was wondeful. We booked a Honeymoon Oceanview Suite. The Suite was very nice and came with a Butler. Upon arrival the Butler gave us a cell phone to contact them for any request. I gave her a list of restaurants and times to book for us. We left the room to explore the resort while she unpacked our clothes. This resort is absolutely beautiful. From the garden setting on the original grounds to the opulence at the Mediterrenean Village. The pool was unbelieveable. One of my favorite things was listening to the Sax Player at 5pm. What a perfect way to end our day and start our evening. We ate in all the restaurants. The service was very slow at Barefoot by the Sea as well as the English Pub. The food however was very good. The sushi bar was fabulous!

Our Butlers were concerned that we were not calling them enough so they would think up things to do for us. They brought milkshakes to us at the pool, various treat trays, and would stop by to see if we needed anyting periodically. Every morning they laid out our towels with a cooler of water, Corona, and Diet Pepsi. I do not like Coke products so they ordered me Diet Pepsi.

The biggest disappointment was the shops are not all in yet. The Sandals shop had a good variety though. If you lose you luggage you will receive a 25% discount on all clothes you purchase.

I was sad to leave but that was a breeze as well since the butlers pack up your stuff for you.

This was a wonderful vacation.