Sunset Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios Jamaica

I took a group to the Sunset Jamaica Grande. It looks wonderful. Everyone had a wonderful time!

We will start with the Great!

The restaurants had wonderful food. Breakfast is buffet. The choices are plentiful. Lunch is either buffet or there are two grills and one Cafe. Dinner is either buffet or there are three Gourmet Restaurants. All are delicious! If you like spicy try the Thai Curried Chicken at the Ginger Lily. Reservations can be made anytime so make all reservations on arrival at the Guest Services Desk.

The pools are enormous! They do not heat the water so if you go in the winter be prepared. It is cold water. The ocean is warmer. There is a swim up bar in the main pool but there are bars everywhere so you are never far from your favorite beverage.

The beach is long and fairly calm as you are in a cove. It is condusive to children. There are no beach vendors bothering you either.

The staff works very hard and is so friendly! You could not ask for harder workers.

The OK.

There is only bar liquors. No Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, ect. They have a wonderful Cabernet from Chile but no Champagne.

Check-in is like at any hotel. You have to go to the desk and wait your turn. You give your credit card and get two towel cards and a safety deposit box key. Do not lose either as it gets expensive. Also you have to wear a bracelet the whole time you are there. They charge if you lose this too!

If you use any services you can not charge to your room so carry your means of payment. I used the internet room, which works great, the Spa, not expensive and was wonderful, and the Gift Shop, nice variety. I had to pay separate for all. This I found a little wierd.

The ride from the airport is long. Almost two hours as the road is pretty torn up. In four years when they finish it will be great.

Over all though it was definately worth the trip. We had a wonderful time! I would go back to this resort again and agian.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.